About the Consulate General

In accordance with the resolution of the State Great Khural of Mongolia on opening  a Consulate General of Mongolia in the city of San Francisco, the USA, which was issued in 2011, the Consulate General commenced its full operation in  February, 2012.

The establishment of the Consulate General of Mongolia in the Western United States, where a substantive number of  Mongolian citizens are pursuing their livings and studies,  was an important measure for making consular services available to, and preserving the interests of, Mongolian nationals residing in its consular district.

Given that any consular post has its own consular district, an area assigned for the exercise of consular functions,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Mongolia has assigned the General Consulate in San Francisco a consular district  encompassing 17 U.S. states: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Kanzas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oaklahoma,  and Texas. The remaining U.S. states are covered by the Embassy of Mongolia in Washington D.C.

The exercise of functions of Mongolian consular posts are regulated by the relevent international treaties and conventions, including the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations,  as well as the respective Mongolian laws and regulations, particularly the Law on Diplomatic Services and the Consular Services Charter.

The main functions of the Consulate General are as follows:

  1. Safeguarding in the receiving State the interests of Mongolia and of its nationals and legal persons and rendering assistance in promoting  friendly relations and expanding economic, commercial, scientific, technological, cultural and humanitarian relations and tourism with the receiving State;
  2. Abiding by, and ensuring compliance of, the international conventions and treaties on consular relations to which Mongolia is a Party; and
  3. Preserving the  interests of Mongolian citizens and legal persons:
    1. Receiving applications, requests and complaints of citizens and resolving them in conformity with the respective laws and regulations,
    2. Restoring voilated rights of Mongolian citizens and legal persons,
    3. Keeping  a register of Mongolian citizens permanently and temporarily residing in its  consular district,
    4. Providing assistance and support to delegations of Mongolian  governmental organizations and citizens travelling  on official trip,
    5. Providing Mongolian citizens with explanations and clarifications on the laws and regulations as well as the traditions and culture of the receiving State,
    6. Disseminating newly enacted  laws and regulations of Mongolia to Mongolian citizens in its consular district,
    7. Rendering assistance in organizing commercial, economic, scientific, cultural, arts events promoting Mongolia,
    8. Representing Mongolian citizens before the authorities of the receiving State, if the persons and their appointed representatives are unable, for reasons of absence or for other serious reasons, to assume the defense of their rights and interests at the proper time, and
    9. Defending the civil rights of Mongolian citizen who are arrested and confined with criminal suspension or who are serving sentence in prison, and whose civil rights and freedoms are limited in other forms by administrative and judicial procedures, as well as ensuring the observance of laws and regulations of the receiving State and the international conventions and treaties to which Mongolia is a Party.

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