Visa information for US citizen only

US citizens who wish to enter or stay in Mongolia for up to 90 days on official, private business or tourism are exempted from visa requirement under New visa policy which has been in effect since July 18, 2001.

If an intended travel is more than 90 days, US citizens must obtain an appropriate visa.  Visa approval in advance is required from either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Office of Immigration, Naturalization, and Foreign Citizens of Mongolia depending on a visa class.  It is an applicant's responsibility to obtain such approval through assistance of and cooperation with your partners or counterparts in Mongolia. For more information on visa, including its classification, validity term, duration of stay and number of entries, please see "Visa Comprehensive Information" section.

Effective from April 30, 2012, the following visa processing fee is applicable to US citizens:

1. Diplomatic visa (D)-no fee;

2. Official visa (A)-160 USD;

3. Investor visa (T)-270 USD;

4. (O) visa issued for those coming to Mongolia under the auspices of non-governmental organizations or international humanitarian organizations-160 USD;

5. Business visa (B)-160 USD;

6. Student visa (S)- 160 USD;

7. Tourist visa (J)-160 USD;

8. Employment visa (HG)- 190 USD;

9. (SH) visa for those coming to Mongolia under the  auspices of religious organization- 190 USD;

10. Immigrant (TS) visa-220 USD;

11. (H) visa for a US national whose family member is already residing in the country for a private purpose or who is to visit for private purpose-230 USD;

12. For a USA citizen who married with a Mongolia citizen- 240 USD;

13. For change of a visa class-160 USD.

Visa processing normally takes 3 business days upon submission or receipt of an application accompanied by all necessary documentation. However, please be advised that regulation allows this office to process a visa within 7 business days. Expedited same day service is available at additional cost equal to normal processing fee for that visa class.

Should you have any further question or clarification, please do contact us at 415 622 4000 or by e-mail at

Important note: A foreign national staying more than 30 days in Mongolia must register with the Office of Immigration, Naturalization, and Foreign Citizens in Ulaanbaatar or its local branches within 7 business days of arriving in Mongolia. For more information, please visit the website of the Office:


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