Visa information /General/

Foreign nationals who wish to enter or stay in Mongolia must obtain visas of appropriate classification corresponding to the purpose of their visit. Nationals of those countries which have visa exemption agreements with Mongolia are exempted from visa requirements to the extent allowed by such agreements on reciprocal basis. For more information, please see "Non-Visa Regime Countries" section.

For the most often issued visas, tourist or business for staying up to 30 days in Mongolia, an applicant shall submit the following documents in person or by mail:

1.Passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in Mongolia

2.Properly filled visa application which is downloadable from here

3.Two photos with 3x4 centimeters size on white background

4.Visa processing fee /by means of only money order or cashier's check payable to the "Consulate General of Mongolia"/

5.Visa processing fee:

• Single entry visa-60 USD;

• Double entry visa-80 USD;

• Multiple entry visa with validity term of 6 month -95 USD;

• Multiple entry visa with validity term of one year-195 USD.

For Canadian or UK citizens, visa processing fee is 55 USD.

6.Prepaid, self-addressed return envelope when getting a visa through mail (A certified mail with tracking number is recommended for safety reason)

7.A copy of onward ticket and a valid visa of a country of final destination when necessary in case of getting a transit visa.

Visa processing normally takes 3 business days upon submission or receipt of an application accompanied by all necessary documentation. However, please be advised that regulation allows this office to process a visa within 7 business days. Expedited same day service is available at additional cost equal to normal processing fee for that visa class.

For other classes of a visa with longer duration of stay,  please see "Visa Comprehensive Information" section.

Should you have any further question or clarification, please contact us at 415 622 4000 or by e-mail at

Important note: A foreign national staying more than 30 days in Mongolia must register with the Office of Immigration, Naturalization, and Foreign Citizens in Ulaanbaatar or its local branches within 7 business days of arriving in Mongolia. For more information, please visit the website of the Office:

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