Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Presi¬dent of Mongolia Kh.Battulga Wednes¬day met a delegation headed by Mr Heita Kawakatsu, the governor of Japan’s Shi¬zuoka Prefecture.
Beginning the meeting, the governor congratulated Mr Battulga on becoming the new President of Mongolia, on behalf of people of his Prefecture.
The President hopes that East Asian region, especially Japan is a pillar of Mon¬golia’s economic development, and em¬phasized importance of the cooperation with Japan for realizing a goal of making Mongolians employed and wealthy. He remembered about starting many works with Shizuoka Prefecture when he was the Minister of Industry and Agriculture.
In frames of the cooperation, experts will be trained to build an industrial com¬plex in Dornogobi’s Sainshand soum and to construct a thermal power plant. More¬over, buckwheat is being planted on 40 hectares in Selenge aimag, and this area will be expanded to 80 hectares.
Talking about the cooperation on above areas, Mr Kawakatsu believed the bilateral cooperation will widen further.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The cabi¬net meeting held Wednesday adopted a national program “Fruits”, and obliged P.Sergelen, the Minister of Food, Agri¬culture and Light Industry, to provide the program with professional and method¬ological management and to control the implementation.
In Mongolian territory, some 60 sorts of fruits grow, and scholars are developing new sorts of fruits as well as technologies of processing them. As of 2016, areas of fruit gardens reached 6.1 thousand hect-ares, and 2,560 tons of fruits are harvest¬ed a year, but it is not enough for the na¬tional consumption.
Mongolia has started to export sea-buckthorn to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia, now the country intends to manufacture oil from the fruit’s oil, active ingredients, tea and fodder-purpose leaves.
The national program has key objec¬tives to augment sorts of fruits, to boost the fruit industry, to fully provide the popu¬lation with fruits and vitamins by creating a unified network of sea-buckthorn manu-facture and to increase the export income.
In addition, the national program is expected to increase fruit plantation, cre¬ate job places in localities and augment kinds of export products, declining size of imported fruits.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Cabinet approved the Second Program on Envi¬ronmental Health on Wednesday regular meeting. In order to conduct surveillance of impacts of surrounding environment on human health, lower negative conse¬quence through risk prevention and estab¬lishing healthy and safe environment for people, the program outlines seven main objectives as follows:
1. Improving air quality, reducing health impact of air pollution;
2. Improving safety of drinking water, reducing health impact of soil pollution;
3. Establishing surveillance system for environmental health;
4. Building capacity of counter-mea¬sure for major risks that impose greater danger to human health due to climate change
5. Sophisticating waste management of healthcare organizations
6. Improving health and safety at working places; and
7. Carrying out observations on health impacts of chemicals exposed by environmental pollution.
The program will be implemented be¬tween 2017 and 2020. According to the organizers, the program is expected to lower death rate caused by pollution by 10 percent.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Former President Ts.Elbegdorj will receive wage equal to that of a Cabinet Member.
During its regular meeting on August 9, Wednesday, the Cabinet issued a reso¬lution on provisions and protections to be secured to former President Ts.Elbegdorj who completed his second term this year.
In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Cabinet resolved that for¬mer President Ts.Elbegdorj will receive wage equal in amount to that of a Member of the Cabinet for the rest of his life, and ordered the Minister of Finance and the Head of Cabinet Secretariat to reflect the expenditure in annual budgets.
Moreover, the Cabinet instructed the Finance Minister and the Head of Gen¬eral Intelligence Agency to provide state protection to the former President for four years following the completion of his term, and allocate the required fund.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Repair works at schools, kindergartens and hos¬pitals will be completed fully by Septem¬ber 1.
During the Cabinet’s regular meeting on August 9, Wednesday, corresponding Ministers reported on winter preparations to Prime Minister J.Erdenebat who then issued several instructions.
The Prime Minister assigned the Min¬ister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports to complete school, kindergarten and hospital repair works within Septem¬ber 1, and the Minister of Energy to fin¬ish energy repair works to ensure a winter without energy and heat shortage.
The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry was tasked to plan his ac¬tions based on a properly drafted pre¬liminary harvest report, take measures to store sufficient seed to fully supply the domestic demand next year, make prop¬er arrangements on encampment areas, prepare adequate fodder, intensify prepa¬rations for meat export, prevent from live¬stock contagious diseases and enforce accountability.
Moreover, the Head of Cabinet Secre¬tariat was ordered to solve the challenges in winter preparations in provinces by ar¬ranging a joint meeting of Governors of all the 21 provinces.
The Prime Minister instructed all Cabi¬net members to hold an emergency meet¬ing to ensure winter preparedness in their corresponding sectors, and work on the site if necessary.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Whole Liver Mongolia’ national program has reached about 230 thousand Mongolians in three months.
During the Cabinet’s regular meet¬ing on August 9, Wednesday, Minister of Health A.Tsogtsetseg reported on the progress of ‘Whole Liver Mongolia’ na¬tional program.
The Cabinet ordered Minister of Fi¬nance B.Choijilsuren, Minister of Labor and Social Protection N.Nomtoibayar and Minister of Health A.Tsogtsetseg to take urgent measures to solve the finance of the program in order to intensify the imple¬mentation.
Three months after its launch, the na¬tional program has reached about 230 thousand people, engaging them in Hepa¬titis B and C tests. About 510 thousand people of age range 40-65 are included in the program’s 2017 target group. A recent update indicates that about 17.5 percent of those who took the medical examina¬tions were tested positive.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Cabi¬net of Ministers is convened for a regu¬lar meeting on Wednesday. Aside from a number of issues, the ministers approved the program of visit of the Defense Minis¬ter B.Bat-Erdene who will attend the clos¬ing ceremony of the International Army Games on August 11-13 in Moscow.
The cabinet also backed the draft parliamentary resolution on Transferring State Property to Aimag and Municipal Affiliation, after reflecting comments from cabinet members, and resolved to submit to the State Great Khural.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Prime Minister J.Erdenebat Wednesday met a delegation headed by Mr Heita Kawakat¬su, the governor of Japan’s Shizuoka Pre¬fecture.
Expressing his satisfaction with the intensive development of the coopera¬tion between the countries’ localities, the Premier said he is pleased with a leading role of Shizuoka governor in this coopera¬tion.
Mr Kawakatsu pointed out a cooperation memorandum was signed between Selenge aimag and Shizuoka Prefecture in 2016 during a visit of the Mongolian Prime Minister to Japan. In frames of the cooperation, buckwheat has been planted on 40 hectares area in Se¬lenge, Mr Kawakatsu said. The planting and growing are going well, he added.
“When I traveled to Selenge, I enjoyed a beautiful landscape and historical sites where land farming is well developed. I believe this aimag has a big opportunity to boost its tourism industry,” Mr Kawakatsu said. Shizuoka Prefecture is an econom¬ically-powerful region and also keeps Japanese traditional culture and custom, so Mongolia hasa lot to learn from the Prefecture, said the Prime Minister. Mr Erdenebat said he is thankful to Shizuoka for receiving Mongolian athletes to have training for the forthcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. He promised to boost the collaboration between the locali¬ties.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China Thurs¬day held the 3rd meeting of the Strategic Talks between their Ministries of Foreign Affairs, in Ulaanbaatar.
Co-chaired by D.Davaasuren, the State Secretary of the Mongolian Foreign Ministry; and Kong Xuanyou, the Assis¬tant Foreign Minister of China, the meet¬ing considered the bilateral relations and cooperation issues. The parties noted the Mongolia-China comprehensive strategic partnership re¬lations have been intensively developing recent years, and expressed their willing¬ness to boost the friendly ties and win-win cooperation. They underlined an impor¬tance of strengthening the political mutual trust.
Regarding the bilateral trade and eco¬nomic cooperation, the sides concurred to realize works agreed during high-level co¬operation. The Foreign Ministries agreed to collaborate in a project on the Tavan-tolgoi and Shivee-Ovoo railways and con¬struction of apartments in place of ger areas and in exporting deeply-processed mining products to China.
The Mongolian side emphasized non-refundable aid and soft-loans from the China’s government have contributed to the Mongolian socio-economic develop¬ment, and expressed its aspiration to ac¬celerate implementation of projects with the loans and assistance.
The countries will focus attention to launching actions of the Humanitarian Council established last May and boost¬ing the cooperation in the culture, educa¬tion, health and tourism spheres through a specific plan, so the parties agreed to hold the Council’s 1st meeting in fourth quar¬ter of this year. At the meeting, the parties exchanged views on the international and regional cooperation as well.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ts.Dashdorj, the Minister of Mining Heavy Industry, Thursay met Mr Ed Jager, the Ambassador of Canada to Mongolia. The latter will return home soon after comple¬tion of his mission here.
The Ambassador expressed his satis¬faction with the close cooperation with the Mongolian Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry within his duty.
“I especially thank the Minister. Over the past years, our countries focused at¬tention to augmenting investment for the mining industry. We held several intergov¬ernmental roundtables and negotiations. I hope my successor will strengthen our cooperation,” Mr Jager said.
The Minister underlined the bilateral relations have reached concrete achieve¬ments when Mr Jager served here as the Ambassador, adding that he collaborated with him for almost half of this period.
“Investment interest to Mongolia con¬siderably increased as results of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference. Further¬more, the Mongolian Foreign Ministry is paying attention to the investment issues of Canada as results of roundtables,” Mr Dashdorj said.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Tavantol¬goi” JSC released Q2 2017 report Mongo¬lian Stock Exchange yesterday, on August 9. According to the report, sales revenue of “Tavantolgoi” reached MNT 255 billion in the first half of this year, while net profit was at MNT 57.2 billion at the end of 2nd quarter.
The company had MNT 54 billion net profit in 2016, which is now MNT 57.2 bil¬lion in the first-half only. After analyzing the report, economists are forecasting bullish movement in their stock price, recom-mending the traders to buy their stock. For instance, “Tavantolgoi” stock price jumped 15 percent by 11AM today on August 10. Within a year, the company’s stock price multiplied by 4.7 times.
The increase in profit is directly con¬nected to the coal price surge in the global market since the second half of 2016. The company extracted 4 million tons of coal in 2016 and exported 98 percent of them, earning MNT 54 billion net profit.
Due to the exchange rates of currency, “Tavantolgoi” JSC faced heavy loss of MNT 6.6 billion in the first half of this year. However, the overall report shows positive performance.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Around 60 thousand Mongolian citizens are studying abroad in an unofficial number. The repre¬sentatives of these students will be hold¬ing a meeting on August 21-23.
With an aim to create unified database of students abroad, the three-day confer¬ence will be taking place under the theme “Opportunities and conditions of living in Mongolia for students living overseas”.
The event is being organized by “Overseas Mongolians” NGO and Youth Committee of Students of he NGO, while Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Ed¬ucation, Culture, Science and Sports, as well as is Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor are acting as official supporters of the event.
On the first day of conference, repre¬sentatives of Mongolian citizens studying in 28 countries and members of the NGO will be meeting in Ministry of Foreign Af¬fairs.
The second day will be open for every students interested in studying abroad and alumnus. On this day, the young lead¬ers succeeding in different sectors will be giving presentation.
The last day of conference will be held at “Holiday INN” Hotel to hold job recruit¬ments, inform young people on how to study abroad and hold discussions with leading speakers.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Implemen¬tation of the construction sector’s “Action Plan for Winter Preparation” is at 65.8 per¬cent on-schedule, says the officials.
Specifically, preparation work in Ulaan¬baatar city is at 87.2 percent, while the main cities of aimags are at 44.3 percent.
Within the frames of 187th order of the government on “2017 Actions for Winter Preparations in Main Cities”, the related Minister addressed that the detailed plans of winter preparation in 2017-2018 was prepared and engineering network, per¬forming on-time quality maintenance of equipment and routine, providing related departments with information and deliver¬ing it to the capital city and utility compa¬nies.
Accordingly, over 60 km of clean, wastewater and sanitation network were repaired, building 26.5 km long network. Furthermore, several new networks, such as 139.7km long clean water, 162.1km wastewater, 101.5km heat networks, washing, compression and test works were done.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga issued a decree to award P.Damdin with “Hero of Labor” title for his long-standing contribution in Mongolia’s agriculture sector.
Born in Undurkhangai soum, Uvs aimag in 1931, Paavan Damdin is now 86-years old and was a former Minister of Agriculture and Light Industry, former member of the Politburo of the MPRP’s Central Committee and former Secretary of the CPC Central Committee.
His wife Radnaabazar Enkhtuya worked as a teacher in Mongolian Na¬tional University of Medical Sciences un¬til 1994 and was a pediatrician after that. They have a son and two daughters. The first-born son Bayraa graduated from Dz¬erzhinsky Military Academy as a Lawyer in Moscow. His daughter Tsengel graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Inter¬national Relations.
During his 30-years term, Mr. P.Damdin established factories and industries, such as APU, Gobi, Leather Industry Associa¬tion, Wool Industry Association, Darkhan flour factory, Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan pow¬er plants, Meat Plant, Furniture Factory, Flour Evaluators, Dry Milk Factory, Shoe Factory, Souvenir Factory and many oth¬ers.
On the side-note, Mr. P. Damdin was one of the survivors of a plane crash of 1973.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Tumen¬bayar Molom, a taekwondo athlete of the national team of Mongolia and the “Aldar” sports club, has been qualified to compete in the Grand Prix tournament that will take place on September 22-24 in Rabat, Mo¬rocco.
He became the very first Mongolian to achieve this success after taking fifth place in the 2017 World Taekwondo Champion¬ships in Muju, South Korea, lifting up his rating to 28th in the men’s 58 kg category.
Following the World Championships, he also claimed a gold medal in the Korea Open tournament.
In accordance with the World Taekwon¬do Federation (WTF) rule, first 32 athletes by the world rankings in each division are qualified for the Grand Prix. Moreover, first six athletes are directly awarded with the Olympic qualification.

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