Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 66 junior athletes of Mongolian Judo Acad¬emy whom have successfully passed the graduation exam were awarded yellow, green, blue and brown belts, as well as certificates. The ceremony took place at Cen¬tral Sports Palace today, on August 1. The President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga congratulated the young athletes and handed out the belts.
Mr. Kh.Battulga has been serving as the President of Mongolian Judo Fed¬eration and Head of Representatives of the Asian countries of the International Judo Federation.
For the guests, athletes and their parents, Mr. President said “It has been several years since our Judo Academy was first established. Mongolian Judo Academy aims to raise children to be hardworking, persistent and physically developed, preventing them from the internet environment as well. And now we’re holding belt awarding ceremony for their promotion. I congratulate the teachers, coaches and children of the academy”.
Mongolian Judo Academy of Mon¬golian Judo Federation is in operation since 2009.
The senior coach of Mongolian Judo Academy G.Bat-Erdene said “Our acad¬emy has two branches of “Munkhiin Useg” and “Temuulel”. Presently, we have over 350 students in our morning and evening classes. We are aiming to build well-manners, health and toler¬ance in children to prepare high-skilled athletes that can raise the country’s name in the world. Also, an Asian cham¬pion was born from our juniors just re¬cently”.
The ceremony was attended by M.Bukhbat, General Secretary of Mon¬golian Judo Federation, Nicolas Mess¬ner, Head Director of Judo for Peace at International Judo Federation, Ilias Ili¬adis, Olympic gold medalist and three-time world champion of Greece and other athletes, as well as their coaches and family representatives.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On 27 July 2017, H.E. Mr. Sundui Batbold, Governor of Ulaanbaatar and H.E. Pol. Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok signed the Agreement on Establishment of Sister City Relations between the City of Ulaanbaatar and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.
The document was signed in Bang¬kok during the official visit by Governor of the Mongolian capital city to Bang¬kok, Thailand on 26-31 July 2017. In accordance with the document, the two sides will develop cooperation in the ar¬eas of tourism, healthcare, education and sports.
During his visit to Thailand, H.E. Mr. Sundui Batbold, Governor of Ulaan¬baatar had official talks with H.E. Pol. Gen. Aswin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok and visited Bangkok City Li¬brary, “Chang-Hua-Mun” Royal Initiative Project in Petchaburi province and other places of interest.
Source: Embassy of Mongolia in Bangkok


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Na¬tional Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has received MNT 75 million from Mongolians abroad as donations for wildfire suppression operations con¬tinue.
On July 31, Monday, the NEMA au¬thorities received representatives of the Council of Mongolians Abroad which was in charge of collecting donations from Mongolians living in 12 countries including Sweden, France, Australia, Germany, the UK, the ROK and the US. The representatives handed over the to¬tal sum, MNT 75 million.
Deputy Director of the NEMA, Colo¬nel P.Battogtokh expressed gratitude to all donators, assuring the money will be spent on wildfire suppression missions.
According to the agency, the total amount of donation has reached MNT 780 million as individuals, groups and organizations continue to make contri¬butions.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Con¬struction work has resumed at a sports complex being built in Darkhan-Uul aimag which is expected to be one of the biggest sports facilities in the coun¬try.
A government delegation includ¬ing B.Javkhlan, Member of Parliament, R.Tserenpil, consulting engineer at the Department of Investment and Industry and O.Gerel, specialist at the Depart¬ment of Physical Culture and Sports Policy at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports visited the project site and looked over the prog¬ress on July 28, Friday.
Initially launched in 2011, the proj¬ect came to a halt in 2014, but is now moving forward after MNT 1.5 billion fund was allocated in the 2017 budget. However, if the rest of the finance isn’t resolved in the next two years, the cost of the project will continue to increase.
According to O.Nemekhbold, CEO of ‘Nembar’ LLC, the contractor of the proj¬ect, the construction work is 55 percent complete at present.
The sports complex in its 20,000 square meters of area offers a 2200- seat sport hall, an international standard swimming pool, various halls for other sport activities, a hotel and a conference chamber. When in operation, the com¬plex will open an opportunity of hosting various sporting events in Darkhan-Uul, thus benefiting the local economy.
The local authorities in coopera¬tion with the government are working towards settling the remaining MNT 8 billion finance within the next two years in order to inaugurate the complex in 2019.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 29,773 citizens were provided with ‘free’ bus passes, reported General Authority of Labor and Welfare Service.
In accordance with Mongolian so¬cial welfare law and regulations, 29,773 citizens including 18,870 elders and 10,903 disabled persons have acquired smart cards that would allow them free bus rides.
Moreover, in order to improve public transport service quality, and fully trans¬fer to bus fare payment system of smart cards, the capital city department for la¬bor and welfare service in cooperation with ‘Ulaanbaatar Smart Card’ LLC is¬sued 20,000 smart cards to members of target groups.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ World’s number-one cashmere coat producer company “Gobi” JSC opened their on¬line shopping on August 1, 2017.
Through their website “www.gobi¬”, global shipping is available for international purchases. The orders are sent directly from Berlin, Germany warehouse. The prices quot¬ed are final prices, that is, they include the respectively valid German statutory VAT. In addition, shipping costs will be charged. The shipping costs within Germany are EUR 8.5 (S package up to 5kg), EUR 10.5 (M package up to 15kg) EUR 12.5 (L package up to 25kg). For delivery to the East and North Frisian Islands and Hiddensee Island, the company charge an additional EUR 13.0 per delivery as an island surcharge. For deliveries to other European countries, the shipping cost per order is EUR 28.00.
Furthermore, “Gobi” JSC is provid¬ing free shipping on all items if the total order amounts to EUR 500.0 or more within European Union countries.
For further information, visit the com¬pany’s website


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Am¬Cham Mongolia will host its fourth an¬nual American Days Expo, co-hosted by the United States Embassy in Ulaan¬baatar, on Saturday and Sunday, Sep¬tember 16 and 17, at Misheel Expo Cen¬ter. This two-day exhibition is organized every year to showcase U.S. products and services available to the public, and to build awareness about companies in Mongolia that are offering leading ex¬pertise and technology. Any company distributing or selling American products or services is eligible to participate as an exhibitor.
American Days Expo is the only ex¬hibition in Mongolia that offers nearly every American product and service available in the country under one roof. Since its inception, participation in the expo has grown significantly, growing from 50 exhibitors in 2014 to over 90 ex¬hibitors in 2016. The expo’s organizers anticipate the return of satisfied veteran exhibitors and look forward to welcom¬ing new ones, and expect many more visitors to attend this year.
Exhibitors can take advantage of special Early Bird rates and save up to 100,000 MNT by registering before Au¬gust 25, 2017. Returning exhibitors can save an additional 10% off registration fees. Exhibitors will have the opportu¬nity to exhibit and sell their goods and services to a large consumer audience, as well as wholesale buyers and fellow members of the business community; promote their business by participating in the event program on the main stage; and identify real business and network¬ing opportunities, while increasing their visibility to a variety of stakeholders.
(Available until August 25, 2017 and the returning exhibitors will enjoy a 10% discount on booth rates) Premier Booth – 550,000 MNT (2 Days):
• 9 sqm booth
• 1 Table (120×80)
• 2 chairs
• Access to power
• 2 spot lights
• Premier location
Standard Booth – 300,000 MNT (2 Days):
• 6 sqm booth
• 1 Table (120×80)
• 2 chairs
• Access to power
• 2 spot lights
AmCham will accept exhibitor ap¬plications until September 6, 2017. Pro¬spective exhibitors can fill out the ex¬hibitor application online in Mongolian or English. Sponsorship opportunities are available for AmCham members. Please email munkhjargal@amcham. mn, or call 99997104 or 7000 3437 for more information. Space is limited, ap¬ply today!
About AmCham Mongolia
AmCham Mongolia is an indepen¬dent membership-driven organization that seeks to build, strengthen, and protect business between the United States and Mongolia, and to actively promote Mongolia as a destination for American investment. AmCham Mon¬golia is the official local affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the larg¬est business federation in the world with over 3 million member companies. AmCham Mongolia is also a member of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chamber of Commerce, consisting of 29 American Chambers of Commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.
Source: AmCham Mongolia


G.Orgil, a state immigration in¬spector at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia, has been interviewed by press department of the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, as one of the series of interviews with pur¬poses to educate the foreign nation¬als residing in Mongolia. As tourism and construction season sets off, number of foreign na¬tionals visiting Mongolia is increas¬ing. What rights and obligations apply to them?
In the summer, number of tourists who are visiting Mongolia to see our beautiful nature, culture and traditions and workers to work in infrastructure and construction sectors drastically in¬creases. Number of foreign nationals with tourist J type visa is on the rise and is making up most part of foreign nation¬als visiting Mongolia.
As for tourists, they need to make a careful travel plan and calculate their traveling period. Most tourists stay for 30 days. So they need to carefully plan what to sightsee and where to visit dur¬ing this time. If their travel exceeds 30 days, they are allowed to make request to the Mongolian Immigration Agency to extend their visa four working days before their visa expires and get one time visa extension of 30 days. Some tourists visit for 90 days. In this case, they need to complete registration pro¬cedure. In specific, according to Law on Legal Status of Foreign nationals, these people need to register at our agency within seven days of entering Mongolian border.
As for foreigners staying more than 90 days, they are required to obtain res¬idence permit in accordance with their visa type within 21 days since entering Mongolian border. There are 15 types of residence permits such as working, investing, studying, immigrating and re¬siding for marriage or for personal pur-poses etc. Foreigners should bring all necessary documentations according to their permit type and shall be given residence permit. Requests to obtain and extend residence permit is usually processed within five working days or three working days if they choose ex¬press service.
Foreigners who are employed in Mongolia first need to obtain work per¬mit from the General Authority for Em¬ployment and Welfare Service in order to get their residence permit extended. Therefore they are advised to take this into consideration.
What kind of offences foreigners in Mongolia often commit? What is the punishment for them?
Most cases include overstaying resi¬dence permit or visa, working illegally without official permit and conducting different business than their intend¬ed purpose. Offenders are fined with amount equaling to 1-10 times of mini¬mum salary in accordance to the related legislations. Amount of fines varies de¬pending on reason of their offence and number of overstayed days.
Moreover offences such as absence of identification and address violation often occur. As stated in 7.4.5. of Article 7 of Law on Legal Status of Foreign na¬tionals, foreign nationals who are stay¬ing in Mongolia for business or personal reason are obliged to carry their pass¬port and residence permit provided by the authority at all times. If a foreigner is not carrying passport or identification equaling to that, he shall be fined with amount three times less than minimum salary. Foreign nationals who do not have proper documentation, uniden¬tified, who do not follow deportation procedures, are considered to commit crime or offence and who did not leave Mongolia within 10 days after they got a warning shall be detained for up to six hours with a decision from a state inspector of immigration and 14-30 days with court decision until the case is re¬solved.
Law on Offence and Law on Of¬fence procedure were commenced on July 1st. What changes were made?
Revised Law on Offence came into force on July 1, 2017. About 1,600 types of offences are regulated by this law which includes several provisions on fining individual who violated the Law on Legal Status of Foreign Nationals.
For instance, violations of regula¬tions on registration, owning and keep¬ing residence permit, carrying passport, equaling identification and residence permit and regulations on employment are fined with amount equaling to one hundred units, for offence of failure to register at a relevant authority within the legal period, an individual is fined with amount equaling to 250 units and a le¬gal entity is fined with amount equaling to two thousand and five hundred units. Moreover, if a foreigner did not obtain residence permit within the legal period and overstayed their residence per¬mit or visa, he/she shall be fined with amount equaling to 10 units for each day of overstay.
Also, the invitee who did not obtain residence permit for foreign national within legal period and whose foreign national overstayed their residence per¬mit or visa, he/she shall be fined with amount equaling to ten units for each day of overstay for each foreign nation¬al.
Then how to clear offence charg¬es? Please give us detailed informa¬tion on how to prevent committing offence.
An offender can write request to re¬solve offence explaining for what rea¬son they violated Mongolian law. They need to bring violation documents for state officer to inspect and bank receipt for paying fine amount for their offence.
During construction season, foreign nationals who are working in road, con¬struction, agriculture, mining and other sectors with permits from Government order and General authority for Employ¬ment and Welfare Service often have in¬viting entity. Therefore these individuals, entities and organizations that are em¬ploying foreign nationals are advised to check expiry dates of their employees’ documents regularly.
Under what circumstances a for¬eign national is deported?
There are 12 accounts for deporting foreign nationals as stated in Law on Legal Status of Foreign national. Most common cases include overstaying their residence permit or visa for over two months and conducting different business than their intended purpose.
First halves of past three years sta¬tistics reveal that 188 people from 18 countries in 2015, 313 foreign nation¬als from 25 countries in 2016 were deported. As for 2017, 261 foreign na¬tionals have been deported. Number of deported foreign nationals is decreasing in recent years. There are several reasons for that. For instance, due to our economic situation, foreign investment halted and movement of foreign na¬tionals visiting Mongolia slowed down, inspection have improved and informa¬tion on Law on Legal Status of Foreign Nationals were given to individuals and legal entities on regular basis. Also bor¬der inspection has improved and has been deporting illegal foreign nationals from the border.
What measurements is the Mon¬golian Immigration Agency taking towards preventing foreign nationals from committing offences?
The Immigration Agency is con¬stantly conducting regular and special inspections. Inspection covers all enti¬ties that are employing foreign nation¬als such as hospitals, schools, factories, service and repair shops and compa¬nies in rural areas. During inspections, we provide information and advice to prevent foreign nationals from docu¬ments violation.
As the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs announced 2017 as a “Year to bring legal service closer to citizens”, Mongolian immigration Agency is work¬ing on initiating “Online Immigration” system. As part of this initiative, we are providing online legal advice and infor¬mation and organizing activities to pre¬vent violations.
Source: Immigration Agency of Mon¬golia


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Regis¬tration has opened for ‘Miss World Mon¬golia 2017’ national beauty contest.
Young women wanting to represent Mongolia at the 2017 Miss World, the biggest beauty pageant in the world, are invited to run for the title of Miss Mongo¬lia. The People’s Republic of China will host the 67th edition of Miss World on November 18.
The contestants must fulfill certain requirements such an age limit between 16 to 26, above intermediate English language proficiency level and more. The registration will continue until Au¬gust 11.
Last year, the United States hosted the 66th Miss World where Miss World Mongolia A.Bayartsetseg made it to Top 11, setting the record for Mongolia’s participation at the pageant and setting the threshold higher for the next contes¬tants.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Follow¬ing events are expected on Tuesday, August 1.
9AM: “Jointly promoting breastfeed¬ing” online training to take place at Health Development Center.
9.30: President Kh.Battulga to award belts to junior judo athletes at Central Sports Palace.
10AM: Mayor S.Batbold to check the current progress of auto road renova¬tion and repair in Ulaanbaatar City.
11.30AM: National Committee for Reducing Air Pollution to convene at the State House.
11.30AM: Happy Veritas diagnostic center to hold press briefing on three types of free analysis and diagnosis at Mongol News information center.

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