Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A working group headed by D.Ganbat, Minister of Road and Transport De-velopment got acquainted with the activities of Concrete Sleeper Facto¬ry of Ulaanbaatar Railway joint stock company’ in Khutul, Selengeaimag.
Founded in 1997, the concrete sleeper factory in Khutul has a capacity to manu¬facture 180 thousand concrete sleepers a year. The factory employs 150 workers in its 6 main units. Previously, the factory used to ,make “FZ” concrete sleeper with Chinese technology and now they have been manufacturing “APC” reinforced concrete sleeper with more advanced technologies from Russia since 2006. The factory has a plan to produce 150 thou¬sand pieces of concrete sleepers this year and as of today, the factory has produced 50 thousand pieces. Moreover, the authorities of the factory introduced about the present state of the factory, which manufactures 20 types of concrete structures, such as bridge struc¬tures, concrete base and road curb apart from concrete sleepers and provides them to the domestic market.
During his meeting with the authorities and over 150 employees of the Concrete Sleeper Factory, Minister D.Ganbat gave information about government activities and policy. In frames of the meeting, Minis¬ter D.Ganbat obliged the relevant authori¬ties to study opportunities of the Concrete Sleeper Factory to manufacture concrete sleeper for narrow-gauge railway.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In or¬der to
observe the construction process of logistics center in Zamiin-Uud sta¬tion, related officials led by Minister of Road and Transport Development D.Ganbat visited the construction site during their working visit in the region.
Last year, an opportunity for transit¬ing Asia-Europe route freight transports through Mongolian border was enabled after the trilateral meeting between the heads of state of Mongolia, Russian Fed¬eration and People’s Republic of China. In order to prepare for transiting freight transports, the Government of Mongolia negotiated with the Asian Development Bank to finance the project. Therefore, “Regional Logistics Development Proj¬ect” is being implemented in Zamiin-Uud to increase the capacity of logistics facil¬ity. The facility will have significant impact by increasing import, export and transit transports in Mongolia.
Furthermore, several necessary proj¬ects, such as a construction of overbridge above railways, auto road, water line, se¬curity fence, cable line, 10 kW sub-station, 110 kW high voltage sub-station and its extension of power transmission line have been built from the State Budget.
“China Railway 21st bureau” LLC is acting as the general contractor, while “Suson” LLC of the Republic of Korea, Mongolian “Geo Mapping” and “NBCC” LLCs are providing support as advisors. Presently, foundations for both narrow and wide gauge railroads, as well as crane sites have been finished. The con¬tractor has informed that the project is cur¬rently 40 percent finished and presented the current issues to the Minister of Road and Transport Development.
Once the Logistics Facility starts op¬eration, around 6 million tons of freight transports can be transited through Zami¬in-Uud station annually. The construction work is expected to finish next year and start operation by 2019. Source: Ministry of Road and Trans¬port Development


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Within the framework of his visit to the People’s Re¬public of China, PM J.Erdenebat signed a memorandum of understanding on co¬ordinating “Development Road” and “Belt and Road” initiatives between the Gov¬ernments of Mongolia and China. In order to advance the coordination of develop¬ment strategies of the two countries, the Embassy of Mongolia to China organized an introductory event for “Development Road” initiative in Beijing, China on June 28.
At the event, Ambassador Extraordi¬nary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to China D.Gankhuyag delivered an open¬ing speech and Advisor to the Ministrer of Road and Transport Development D.Gotov, Head of Railway and Maritime Policy Implementation and Coordina¬tion Department of the Ministry B.Arthur and a officer of the Mongolian Embassy T.Munkhgerel presented a synopsis of “Development Road” initiative, Infrastruc¬ture Policies, short-term proposed works, auto road and railroad corridors.
The introductory event was attended by representatives of China’s Ministry of Transport, National Development and Re¬form Commission, Ministry of Commerce, China Railway General Company and In-ner Mongolia, who afterwards exchanged views on issues of bilateral cooperation.
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 8th Mongolia-Japan Joint Consultation with the government and private sec¬tor was held on July 4, today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongo¬lia. It has been one year since the the Economic Partnership Agreement between Mongolia and Japan was established and during the consulta¬tion, the parties discussed the agree¬ment outcomes, pressing issues and obstacles in the implementation as well as possible solutions to resolve them.
Within the agreement, the two coun¬tries agreed that the Mongolian side would be exempt from customs duties of 7200 types of goods in 97 groups directly or by stages in 10-year period, while Japan would be exempt 9300 types of goods in 97 groups. In 2015, the trade turnover be¬tween Mongolia and Japan was USD300 million, and the agreement raised the trade turnover to USD336 million in 2016. The trade turnover increased by 18.8 per¬cent in the first five months of this year.
However, 96 percent of total trade turnover is made of Japanese exports to Mongolia, emphasized V.Enkhbold, Direc¬tor of the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. “Currently, over 40 Mon¬golian enterprises export wool, cashmere, frozen horse meat and handicraft items to Japan in small quantities. Whereas, Ja¬pan is supplying mainly cars and vehicle spare parts”.
There are several issues that need to be reflected in the Economic Partnership Agreement in detail, noted M.Oyunchimeg, CEO of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “The Agree¬ment contains a general provision that felt would be exempted from taxes. We thought that all felt products would be tax-free. However, felt products, including felt slippers happened to be not applicable to the tax exempt. Therefore, more detailed provisions are required to be added to the agreement” she said.
It is too early to make a certain con¬clusion about the agreement as just one year has passed since the partnership agreement came into force, stated Akihiko Tamura, Deputy Director of the Trade Poli¬cy Department of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
“- It is impossible to expect an increase of Mongolia’s exports to Japan, just by es¬tablishing an economic partnership agree¬ment. The government and the private sector should cooperate actively in order to realize the agreement. We request Mon¬golia to take several issues into consider¬ation and solve them. In February of this year, our Ministry conducted a study on how Mongolia’s cashmere, sea buckthorn and dairy products could be exported to Japan. I would like to talk about cashmere as an example. To export cashmere, first of all it is necessary to define the quality of cashmere. However, it is unclear, whether the quality system which meets interna¬tional standard, has been introduced in Mongolia. Although Mongolia avoids to export cashmere in raw, there are few do¬mestic spinning factories. Therefore, it is necessary to make equipment upgrades and human resources management in a number of factories. After all, it is essen¬tial to produce marketable products or that meet the demand of Japanese market” said Mr, Akihiko Tamura.
After the consultation, a business meeting of the two countries is scheduled to be held with attendance of 150 Mongo¬lian and 60 Japanese companies.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Within the framework of the Government of Mon¬golia’s “World Mongolians” national pro¬gram, an opera with numerous centuries of history “Cinderella” was played for the first time in Mongolia at State Opera and Ballet Academic Theater on July 2.
A precocious composer of operas, Gioachino Rossini’s one of the world’s best-known operas “La Cenerentola” (Cin¬derella) was co-played by Mongolian, Ital¬ian, Spanish and French actors/actresses, as well as full composition of Mongolian State Philharmonic. Rossini had been the most popular opera composer in history, and he was one of the most renowned public figures of his time.
Conducted by a world-class conductor Jacopo Sipari Di Pescasseroli, “Cinderel¬la” has now officially added to Mongolian opera collection.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Complete list of activities of the National Naadam Holiday on the 2226th anniversary of Foundation of first Mongolian Statehood, 811st anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and 96th anniversary of People’s Revolution of Mongolia.
July 7 Friday
9.00-19.00: Uriankhai archery, at ar¬chery field at the Central Stadium named after D.Sukhbaatar /central square here¬after/
Saturday, July 8
9.00-18.00: Buryat archery at archery field
Sunday, July 9
9.00-19.00: Children’s archery at ar¬chery field
Monday, July 10
08.00-11.00: Four-year-old horse (Khyazaalan) race at Khui Doloon Khudag
08.00: Opening of knucklebone shoot¬ing tournament, at knucklebone shooting field at the Central Stadium
10.00-11.00: Honorary ceremony for the State Flag Day on the central square
10.30: First matches of Archery games at the archery field at the central stadium
11:00: “Exquisite Mongolia” exhibition of best artworks at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery
13.00-13.30: A ceremony to show re¬spect to the Great Chinggis Khaan Statue and wreath-laying ceremony at D. Sukh¬baatar statue on central square
14.00: Deeltei Mongol Festival /Mon¬golians in Deel/, on Chinggis Square
14.00-16.20: Three-year-old horse (Shudlen) race at Khui doloon khudag
14.30-18.30: Semi-final of National Khana Archery, at archery field
15.00, 18:00: State Grand Honouring Concertsat the Cultural Palace of Ulaan¬baatar
20.00: A ceremony for the Great White Banners at State House and on the cen¬tral square
22.00: ‘National Pride’ concert on the central Square
Tuesday, July 11
08.00-11.40: Stallion horse race, at the Khui Doloon Khudag
08.00: Semi-final of knucklebone shooting tournament at knucklebone shooting field at the Central Stadium
09.30: Parade of Great White Banners from State House to Central Stadium
11.00: A ceremony to place the Great White Banners at Central Stadium
11.10: President of Mongolia officially opens Naadam Festivaland pay respect to the Great White Banners, Central Stadium
11.20: Grand Opening of the National Holiday-Naadam Festival (on special pro¬gram) at Central Stadium
11.30:Official opening of knucklebone shooting, at knucklebone shooting field, Central Stadium
13.00-17.00: Wrestling tournament, round 1, Central Stadium
12.30: Semi-final tournament of knuck¬lebone shooting, at knucklebone shooting field
13.00 -16.00: Children’s wrestling, round 1, Central Stadium
13.30-14.00: Show of National Ar¬chery, at archery field
14.00: Opening ceremony of the Na¬adam Festival of Khui Doloon Khudag, at the Khui doloon khudag (on special pro¬gram)
14.00-17.00: Above five-year-old horse (Ikh nas) race at Khui doloon khudag
14.30-16.30: Final tournament of the National Khana Archery at archery field
16.20-18.00: Children’s wrestling, round 2, Central Stadium
16.30-20.00: Opening of National Khasaa Archery tournament at archery field
17.10-20.00: Wrestling tournament, round 2, Central Stadium
21.00-23.00: ‘Ulaanbaatar Night’ cul¬tural performance, on central square
23.00: Firework displays for Naadam Festival on central square as well as near Bayankhoshuu, Maakhuur Tolgoi and 7 Buudal areas in Ulaanbaatar City
Wednesday, July 12
07.00-09.20: Five-year-old horse (Soyolon) race, at Khui Doloon khudag
08.00: Final tournament of knuckle¬bone shooting at knucklebone shooting field
08.00-12.00: Semi-final tournament of National Khasaa Archery, at archery field
09.00-11.00: Wrestling tournament, round 3, Central Stadium
10.00-11.00: Children’s wrestling, round 3, Central Stadium
10.30-12.30: Colt race at Khui doloon khudag
11.20-12.40: Wrestling tournament, round 4, Central Stadium
11.20-12.40: Children’s wrestling, round 4, Central Stadium
12.00-13.40: Final tournament of Na¬tional Khasaa Archery, at archery field
13.30: Prize-giving ceremony for win¬ners of knucklebone shooting at knuckle¬bone shooting field
13.40-14.00: Eight best archers’ ar¬chery showat archery field
14.30-15.10: Wrestling tournament, Round 5, Central Stadium
15.20-15.30: President of Mongolia awards prizes, titles and medals to win¬ners of archery and knucklebone shooting tournaments at Central Stadium
15.20-16.00: Children’s wrestling, Round 5
15.40-16.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 6
16.10-16.40: Praise-singing for win¬ning horses. President of Mongolia pres¬ents gifts to jockey children at central sta¬dium
16.40-17.20: Children’s wrestling, Round 6
17.50-18.50: Wrestling tournament, Round 7
17.50-17.40: President of Mongolia presents certificates and medals to wres¬tlers with the newly-granted State Nachin (State Falcon) and State Khartsaga (State Hawk) wrestling titles
17.50-18.40: Wrestling tournament, Round 8
18.30-19.00: Children’s wrestling, Round 7
19.10-19.20: President presents cer¬tificates and medals to wrestlers with the newly granted State Zaan (State El¬ephant) title
19.20-19.50: Wrestling tournament, Round 9
19.50-20.00: President presents title, certificates and medals to the winner and runner-ups of the National Wrestling Tour¬nament
20:00: President officially closes Na¬adam Festival
20.10: Closing ceremony and Parade of Great White Banners back to the State House, (on special program)
Thursday, July 13, Khui Doloon Khu¬dag
07.00-09.20: Races of stallion, ikh nas and three-old year old crossbred fast horses
10.00-14.00: Ambler horse show race
10.30-12.30:Races of four-year old and three-year old crossbred fast horses
13.00-13.05: Opening of the festival by U.Khurelsukh, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Committee responsible for or¬ganizing National Naadam Festival
13.05-13.20: Cultural performance/on special programs/
13.20-14.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 1
13.30-15.30: Crossbred colt race
14.20-14.30: A ceremony to award cer¬tificates to the winner and runner-up, and wrestlers who granted with new titles.
14.30-15.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 2
15.20-15.30: Cultural performance
15.30-16.30: Wrestling tournament, Round 3-4
16.30-16.40: Cultural performance
16.40-17.00: Wrestling tournament, Round 5
17.00-17.30:Praise-singing and awards for the first five horses
17.00-17.50: Wrestling tournament, Round 6
17.50-18.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 7
18.20-18.40: Winning and runner-up wrestlers will be awarded
18.40: Closing ceremony of Naadam festival for horse trainers by Kh.Batbileg, head of sub-committee for horse races.
Khui Doloon Khudag
July 11
16.00-19.00: Far-distance horse rac¬ing
July 10-13
10.00-18.00: ‘Awakening Steppe’ cul¬tural Naadam/on special program/
July 11-12
14.50-15.20: Parade of ‘Mongolian Horsemen’ equestrian sport, cultural and circus performances
July 11
14.00: Opening of the Naadam Festi¬val at Khui Doloon Khudag
July 12
08.30-09.00: Parachute landing high-performance
July 13
11.40-12.10: Parade of ‘Mongolian horsemen’ equestrian sport, cultural and circus performance
July 13
07.00-18.40: Naadam of horse trainers /on special program/
State Opera and Ballet Academic The¬ater
July 5-15
17:00:“Three dramatic characters” op¬era by B.Damdinsuren
21.00:“Best of Classics Open air” open air concert
Grand Theatre of National Art
July 5-9, 12-15
10.00-18.00: “World famous national art” July 11
14.00, 16.00: “World famous national art” exclusive concert
July 12
20.45: Night of Naadam concert by National Philharmonic Orchestra
Mongolian State Philharmonic
July 11
19.00:“Exquisite Mongolia” concert by Morin Khuur Ensemble
TumenEkh Ensemble
July 5-15
16.00, 18.00: ‘Wonderful Art of Mongo¬lia’ national folk art concert
Ulaanbaatar Ensemble
July 6, 13
18.00: Folk art performance
Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts
July 8-9
09:00-18:00: Exhibition of Japanese origami
July 7-15
09:00-18:00: Solo exhibition by A Sod¬nomtsevel
July 16-20
09:00-18:00: Felt art by D.Maira
Bogd Khan Palace Museum
Until July 20
09:00-19:00: ‘Retracing Hans Leder’ exhibition
Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery
July 5-10
09:00-18:00:Mongolian and Republic of Korean artists’ joint exhibition
Exhibition of modern, abstract and fine arts
“Way of life” exhibition of line drawing
National Museum of Mongolia
July 7-15
09.00-19.00:‘Mongolian traditional handcrafts’ exhibition
July 10
10:00: “Golden Soyombo” educational program
Choijin Lama Temple Museum
09.00-19.30: Exhibition of best works from the museums’ treasury fund

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ M.Tumenbayar, athlete of the National Taekwondo team of Mongolia won gold medal in “Korea Open-2017” international taekwondo championships, in his 58-kg category. The tournament, being held in Chuncheon, South Korea on July 2-7, is the G2 Class or high ranking competition and 300 taekwondo fighters from over 70 countries are competing.
In the 58 kg category, a total of 59 athletes fought and M.Tumenbayar de¬feated four top South Korean taekwondo athletes and gained a gold medal winning one of Japanese best athletes Korai Mu¬rakami. This is the first gold medal in the adult category, opening a new page in the Mongolian Taekwondo history. Mongolian national team coach Ho In Young was se¬lected as the best coach.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Thun¬derstorms are expected in some parts of western aimags, central region, eastern aimags and gobi region on July 4, in some regions on July 5-8, in eastern region and southern region on July 7-8. Stronger winds are expected rains.
In the central areas of territory, the De¬pression of Darkhad and Altai, Khangai and Khuvsgul Mountains, the nighttime temperature will be +9+14, and the day¬time, +22+27.
In the Gobi and steppes and the bank of Orkhon-Selenge, the nighttime tem¬perature will be +19+24 Celsius, and the daytime, +32+37.
In other regions, the nighttime tem¬perature will be +13+18, and the daytime, +26+31.


12.00: Opening ceremony of an Inter¬national Junior Soft Tennis Championship “Copa de Asia-2017” takes place
14.00: Exhibition of “Private sector trade and investment of Mongolia-Japan” opens at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
At the State House
14.00: Standing committee meeting on Security and Foreign Policy takes place
At the “Mongol news” information cen¬ter
11.00: Mongolian Agency for Stan¬dardization and Metrology holds a press conference about Made in Mongolia prod¬ucts to be exported abroad are no longer need for double guarantee certification.
11.30: The Ministry of Health and Na¬tional Public Health Center hold press conference on current situation
12.00: Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry and Arts Council of Mongolia holds a press conference on “World Day of Poetry”

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