Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Prime Minis¬ter J.Erdenebat is working in Selenge aimag. On June 21, yesterday, he held a meeting with citizens of Mandal and Bayangol soums and made a briefing on the Government pol¬icy, decisions and implementations.
“-Our Government has succeeded to sta¬bilize the macro economy and has brought positive results to the economy. Green light is already turned on in the economy. There¬fore, we made a decision to raise pension and salary, starting from the first day of next year and from 2019 respectively. A total of MNT150 billion will be allocated in the next year budget for the pension raise” PM noted.
“The involvement of Mongolia to the IMF program was a right decision and it is already a time to operate Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi mines efficiently and profitably and distribute their benefits to the people”, said some locals. They also requested the PM not to allow to touch the Noyon Moun¬tain.
“We should develop agriculture besides mining and produce all we can do, supply¬ing for domestic needs and further exporting them. The people of Selenge aimag grow real eco wheat, potatoes and vegetables. The Government will provide farmers with ‘Loan of Trust’ to support them to have veg¬etable storehouses. Rehabilitation is vital in the mining sector. We made a decision to cancel special license of a company, which has failed to do land rehabilitation works to preserve historical sightseeing. An issue of Noyon Mountain is included in it” said PM J.Erdenebat in response to some questions.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ MP J.Enkhbayar, Head of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Security and For-eign Policy received Didigov Muharbek Ilyasovich, Deputy Chairman of the Federa¬tion Council Committee on Defense and Se¬curity of Russian Federation on June 21.
The meeting was attended by Head of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Pe¬titions MP D.Sarangerel, Vice-Chairman of the Mongolia-Russia Inter-Parliamentary group B.Enkh-Amgalan, MP D.Tsogtbaatar and other officials from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoten¬tiary of Russia to Mongolia Azizov Iskander Kubarovich, Members of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security of Russia Marhev Vyacheslav Mihaylovich, Kozlov Mihail Vasilevich and other delegates participated as well. At the beginning of the meeting, MP J.Enkhbayar expressed his gratitude to¬wards the given opportunity of exchanging views on certain issues related to the two countries’ relations and cooperation. He said “Strengthening the traditional good neighbor policy with Russia is one of the foremost pri¬orities of Mongolian foreign policy. The bilat¬eral relations between Mongolia and Russia is developing in accordance with the cooper¬ation agreement of 1993 and declaration of strategic partnership development of 2009. Specifically, cooperation in defense sector is actively developing”.
Within the framework of the meeting, sides exchanged views on improving military equipment and training specialists. Mr. Didi¬gov Muharbek Ilyasovich expressed his sat¬isfaction for his visit to Mongolia and readi¬ness to cooperate on developing relations of the two countries. Moreover, Mr. Didigov Muharbek Ilyasovich discussed the issues concerning the possibilities of developing regional cooperation.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. J.Enkhbayar shared his intentions to take the economic relations of the two countries to the next level.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A Technical Assistance Project on Strategy of Northeast¬ern Asian General Power Grid Network has commenced implementation at the initiative of the Mongolian Ministry of Energy and the Asian Development Bank. The project research will focus on the details of how to connect Mongolian energy resources with the power grids of other countries in the re¬gion. Electricite De France, a leading electric utility company of Europe, is executing the research.
Six meetings will be organized in the course of implementation of the 25-month project, with attendance of counterparts from China, Russia, Japan and South Korea.
These meetings are of great significance in increasing the share of clean energy in the regional power grid, improving efficiency and the understanding between the counter¬parts. A general image of the regional power grid with enormous contribution by the rich renewable energy sources of Mongolia is expected to become visible with the mobili¬zation of this project.
Source: Ministry of Energy


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A joint com¬munique on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Belize was signed on June 20 within the framework of Mongolia’s goal to establish diplomatic rela¬tions with all UN member states. S.Sukhbold, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoten¬tiary and Permanent Representative of Mon¬golia to the United Nations, and Lois Michele Young, Permanent Representative of Belize to the UN signed the document in New York.
The sides agreed to adhere to the Vi¬enna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Charter of the UN and international legal principles and norms under a mutual aspira¬tion to develop and strengthen friendly rela¬tions and cooperation. They also expressed their concurrence with Mongolia and Belize will enjoy more opportunities to mutually support and cooperate with each other in the scope of the bilateral ties and international organizations after establishing diplomatic relations.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ June 21 saw a ground-breaking ceremony for the recon¬struction of road connecting Ulaanbaatar with Darkhan, the second largest city of Mongolia.
The Ulaanbaatar-Darkhan main road, first built in 1970-1980 and repaired in 1997- 2000, is heavily damaged. As such, the 204.6 km road construction project will wrap up in 2018, after construct¬ing a four-lane, standard road along the route.
The groundbreaking ceremony was at¬tended by Minister of Road and Transport Development D.Ganbat, Members of Parlia¬ment D.Khayankhyarvaa, B.Battumur and E.Javkhlan, administrative officials of Dark¬han-Uul aimag and representatives of the Chinese partner on the project.
The Minister noted in his speech that the government seeks to connect all 21 prov¬inces with the capital city by a paved road.
About 3800 vehicles use the Ulaan¬baatar-Darkhan road per day, the capacity of which only allows 600 vehicles.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The unem¬ployment rate of Mongolia reached an all time high of 11.6 percent in the first quar¬ter of 2016 with 143 thousand unemployed people.
Within the framework of the Govern¬ment’s policies on improving livelihoods and restoring the economy through creation of jobs, multiple job creating projects and pro¬grams have been implemented. As a result, the unemployed rate has reduced down to 9.1 percent with 115 thousand unemployed people in the first quarter of 2017.
Specifically, in order to promote light in¬dustry through agriculture, USD 420 thou¬sand worth of low-interest rate loans were granted to 10 major national manufacturers, such as “Gobi” JSC, “Denimon” textiles, “Khan-Brand” milk factory, “Mongolian Cat¬tle” meat factory and “Zurgaan Khoshuu” pig farm.
These national brands are expected to create more than 1800 jobs and 40 per¬cent of them will be for women. Presently, three Mongolian companies are aiming to establish co-branding agreement with world-renowned brands by the fourth quarter of 2020.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Construction of 547 km railroad connecting Erdenet city, Orkhon aimag with Ovoot mine, Khuvsgul aimag began.
Freight up to 30 million tons per year will be transported through the railroad which lays the foundation for Asia-Europe eco¬nomic corridor. The railroad is considered to be of critical importance in the revival of Mongolian economy. Minister of Road and Transport Devel¬opment D.Ganbat, Members of Parliament D.Damba-Ochir and O.Sodbileg, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation to Mongolia M.L.Vasiliev attended the ground-breaking ceremony held on June 20.
Russian Trade Representative Mr. Vasiliev said, “The trilateral economic cor¬ridor agreement between Russia, Mongolia and China is being realized”. He remarked on the railroad’s economic and political im¬portance to the three countries and potential to solve international issues.
Northern Railways LLC is executing the construction work worth USD 1.3 billion.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Construc¬tion of electric line between Ulaanbaatar and Mandalgobi and its sub-station, which tar¬gets to export electricity to China, started as the project launching ceremony took place this week. The project will be financed within general loan agreement of USD1 billion be¬tween Government of Mongolia and Export- Import Bank of the People’s Republic of China, established on November 10, 2015. TBEA Group of China will construct the line and sub-station as it won the bid.
The project is significant for the improve¬ment of electricity and heat supply and reli¬ability for the domestic needs, which are in¬creasing year by year, for providing technical conditions to support new electricity source of Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi mines and further export electricity to China.
TBEA Group Co., Ltd., through its sub¬sidiaries, manufactures and sells transform¬ers and wire and cable products. It also offers heavy engineering construction ser¬vices, including construction of Tajikistan’s north-south 500 kV transmission lines and 220 kV substation. In addition, it engages in goods and technology import and export business; economic information consulting services; investment metal materials, ma¬chinery equipment and accessories, sales of building materials; owned business trans¬former accessories; metal castings, rubber products, plastic products, electronic prod¬ucts, hardware, chemical products produc¬tion and sales; electroplating process; and renewable materials recycling.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Within the framework of the ‘Leaving no one behind’ principle of the World Health Organization, a groundbreaking ceremony of a building of ‘Uvidast Od’ family health center in Sukh¬baatar District and ‘MunkhIilsten’ family health center in Chingeltei district of Ulaan¬baatar city took place on June 21.
Primary health care service is delivered for the citizens of nine districts of Ulaan¬baatar through 142 family medical centers. As additions to them, buildings of Hemodial¬ysis Center and ten family health centers will be constructed by the Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TICA) with an invest¬ment from Istanbul city of Turkey.
Also, three Family Health Centers are to be built in Songinokhairkhan District, two in Sukhbaatar District and each one in Khan-Uul, Chingeltei, Bayanzurkh, Nalaikh and Baganuur districts in Ulaanbaatar. Of¬ficials of Ulaanbaatar city said that the new buildings to be built in isolated areas of the city will create a favorable environment for the residents to have a prompt and quality health care service.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Bank of Mongolia in cooperation with the Bank of Ko¬rea will realize a ‘Development of an overall crisis management system’ program.
Sides signed the cooperation agreement on June 21, Wednesday. The project team will identify a strategy to develop Mongolia’s foreign exchange market in the frameworks of the program which will wrap up this year.
The Bank of Korea’s study on Mongo¬lian foreign exchange market is expected to make a major contribution to Mongolian economy, especially foreign exchange pol¬icy.
D.Boldbaatar, Senior economist in the Monetary Policy division of the Bank of Mon¬golia said, “Mongolia’s exchange market is relatively less transparent, and isn’t function¬ing efficiently”.
source: Bloomberg


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 17th ‘Roaring Hooves’ international music festival of contemporary and folk opened on June 22 in Gandantegchenling Mon¬astery.
S.Badamkhorol, founder and director of the festival told reporters that the 2017 ‘Roaring Hooves’ festival was being held under the theme ‘Mongolians are singing’. “Mongolians all around the world sing ‘Ulem¬jiin Chanar’ by Fifth Noyon Khutagt Danzan¬ravjaa today”, she said excitedly.
A rendition of the original version of the song engaged the attendees of the opening ceremony of the international music festival. “This song is a symbol of beauty, goodness and well-being”, she said.
Mongolian Buddhists believe that a sin¬gle rendition of the song amasses as much good deeds as chanting the Tara mantra a thousand times. Experts claim that the song’s lyrics don’t just praise the beauty of a woman, but make a secret mantra that is abridged by words. Mongolians have long performed the song at festivals and celebra¬tions. The 2017 ‘Roaring Hooves’ festival has more than 20 foreign artists and about 40 Mongolian artists travelling and performing in landmark sites in Mongolia. Philosophical lectures and discussions have been added to the program as well.
D.Choijamts, Khamba Lama of Gan¬dantegchenling Monastery, Prof. Bern¬hard Wulff, Cultural Ambassador of Mon¬golia and President and Artistic Advisor of ‘Roaring Hooves’, S.Badamkhorol and S.Badamkhatan, Founders and Directors of the festival delivered opening remarks.
In his opening speech, Khamba Lama D.Choijamts touched upon the Ulemjiin Chanar song, its composer Danzanravjaa and Buddhism. He appreciated how the festival sheds light on Buddhism and the fa¬mous song. His speech also reflected Buddhist teachings, encouraging the Mongolian peo¬ple to appreciate what they have accom¬plished. “We’ve developed this much in just two decades, and the future of Mongolia is bright”, he said.
The ‘Roaring Hooves’ festival was initi¬ated in 1999, appealing for international performers to meet and play with Mongo¬lian musicians and students. This year, the annual music festival takes place in Ulaan¬baatar, Kharkhorin of Uvurkhangai aimag and Khamar Monastery of Dornogobi aimag, continuing until July 4.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 48th Ulaanbaatar Cup international boxing tour¬nament kicked off yesterday, June 21, in Ikh Tamir Sports Complex, located in Khandgait village. A total of 121 boxers from 10 coun¬tries, including Mongolia, Russia, China, Bhutan, India, Singapore, Taiwan and DPRK are being challenged for this year’s Ulaan-baatar Cup.
The Mongolian Boxing Federation has been going after matter of making Ulaan¬baatar Cup an “A-Category” international competition.
As a host of Ulaanbaatar Cup, Mongo¬lian team had an advantage of being rep¬resented by a greater number of athletes. Thus, there are 40 boxers, 10 in each weight classification, competing for the Cup.

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