Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On April 27, Thursday, Parliament held the first discussion on the controversial re-vised law on Offence, and the discus¬sion will continue today, Friday.
The revised law sparked controversy and media protest as Member of Parlia¬ment Ts.Garamjav made a proposition to increase fine for defamation of character clause reflected in the revised law 5 times which was given a nod during the meeting of Parliamentary Standing committee on Legal Affairs on April 25. Looking at MNT 10 million fine for individuals and MNT 100 million fine for legal entities, Mongolian media outlets protested the clause, suc¬cessfully garnering public attention over the issue.
President Ts.Elbegdorj attended the Parliament’s Thursday session to call for dropping the defamation clause from the revised law; and with Member of Parlia¬ment Ts.Garamjav having officially with¬drawn her proposition, fine for defamation of character stands at MNT 2 million for persons and MNT 20 million for entities.
Number of Members of Parliament ex¬pressed their views on the revised law on Offence during the plenary session includ¬ing Member of Parliament D.Sarangerel and M.Oyunchimeg who defended press freedom. “There’s a clause about not adopting laws that violate freedom of speech in Law of Mongolia on Freedom of Press. The defamation clause should be dropped”, said MP M.Oyunchimeg who is a journalist by profession. S.Byambatsogt, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs pointed out that about 1400 defamation cases have been regis¬tered since 1995, and 50 percent of these cases involve journalists. “The defamation clause doesn’t only concern journalists”, he contradicted.
Moreover, MPs J.Ganbaatar, D.Togtokhsuren and J.Batzandan criti¬cized the big amount of fine to be imposed on individuals and entities, saying “There should be notices and warnings before taking measures such as charging a big sum or arresting”. Aside from the defama¬tion clause, the revised law on Offence reflects heavy fines such as MNT 100 million for other offences. Justice Minister S.Byambatsogt clarified that the fine will be imposed on offences related to cus¬toms, national resources, public interest and more.
The first discussion of the revised law on Offence will continue today.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Cor¬porate sector produces 80 percent of GDP, providing 90 percent of jobs on the national level”, remarked Prime Minister J.Erdenebat during a ceremo¬ny to award the best 100 Businesses of 2016 hosted in State House on April 27, Thursday.
National copper mine Erdenet Min¬ing Corporation led the 2016 list of Top Businesses, to be followed by OyuTolgoi LLC, Khan Bank, Trade and Development Bank, NIK LLC, XacBank, APU Trading, State Bank, Golomt Bank and Mobicom Corporation for the leading spots.
“The 100 companies that have led the corporate sector in 2016 constitute more than half of tax revenue”, the Prime Minis¬ter added, congratulating the leading busi¬nesses on their growth and accomplish¬ments of last year. In his speech, the Prime Minister reit¬erated that his Cabinet strives to improve business environment, talking about the crucial role of cooperation between gov¬ernment and private sector in stimulat¬ing a pleasant business environment and adopting and promoting ideal corporate management and governance.
“The private sector in Mongolia has progressed over the last 20 years to stand firmly on its feet, yet there is always room for improvement and correction of mis¬takes”, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat noted. “Government and private sector share a same road which should lead Mongolia to a better future; thus, we need to join ef¬forts effectively”.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On April 27, Ts.Munkh-Orgil, Minister for For¬eign Affairs received Donald Bobiash, Assistant Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada to exchange views on bilateral relations and cooperation between Mongolia and Canada.
Assistant Deputy Minister Donald Bo¬biash also works as a head of the Canadi¬an side at a Mongolia-Canada roundtable meeting. Foreign Minister Ts.Munkh-Orgil expressed glad on the result of the sev¬enth roundtable meeting of Mongolia and Canada took place in Ottawa, Canada, in March 2017. He confirmed his readiness he is ready to put the issues touched upon during the meeting into practice.
Moreover, Minister Ts.Munkh-Orgil noted the parliamentary cooperation be¬tween Mongolia and Canada has been intensifying actively and the two countries have the potential to develop bilateral eco¬nomic cooperation in the fields of tourism and agricultural industries, besides the mining sector.
Also, he pointed out the importance of collaboration directed at drawing invest¬ment and know how technologies from Canada to Mongolia. Also, Foreign Min¬ister Ts.Munkh-Orgil requested from the Canadian side to give support to Mongolia by training Mongolian students and spe¬cialists in Canada.
Afterwards, the dignitaries exchanged views on the current situation of the North¬east Asia. At the end of the meeting, the Foreign Minister of Mongolia invited Ca¬nadian delegates to the fourth meeting of Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar Dialogue initia¬tive, which will be held in Ulaanbaatar in June 2017.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On April 25, B.Bat-Erdene, Minister of Defense of Mongolia, who was invited to the 6th Moscow Conference on International Security, held a bilateral meeting with Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defense and General of the Army of Russia.
The meeting was attended by B.Delgermaa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Russia, Mayor-General P.Sukhbat, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Force and other officials from the Mongolian side and A.V.Fomin, Deputy Defense Minister, D.E. Shugaev, Director The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and other officials from the Russian side.
At the meeting, Defense Minister B.Bat-Erdene emphasized on many im¬portant events happened in the bilateral defense ties of the two countries since the fifth Moscow Conference on International Security and expressed his gratitude for the Russia’s assistance for the Mongolian military and technical reform as well as for preparing qualified military servicemen.
He then expressed his satisfaction with a favorable resolution to enable Mon¬golian juniors to study at military schools of Russia and to extend the Intergovern¬mental Agreement on Russia’s military-technical assistance to Mongolia.
Moreover, the Defense Minister noted his willingness to establish cooperation ties with military schools of the two coun¬tries, activate the relations between the Mongolian Armed Force and Russian mili¬tary regions bordering with Mongolia and to get professional support on utilization of some military equipment and facility re¬ceived through the aid.
For his part, Russia’s Defense Minis¬ter Sergey Shoygu voiced his the regular participation of Mongolian ministers of de-fense in the annual international confer¬ence organized by the Ministry of Defense of Russia and vowed to support propos¬als brought forward by the Mongolian De¬fense Minister as well as to continue to strengthen the bilateral defense partner¬ship of the two countries. Also, he kindly received an invitation by the Mongolian Defense Minister to pay an official visit to Mongolia at his convenience.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On April 27, M.Enkhsaikhan, Ambassador Ex¬traordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Sweden presented his dip¬lomatic credentials to Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden.
Following the ceremony of diplomatic credentials, Carl XVI Gustaf received Ambassador M.Enkhsaikhan. The latter conveyed greetings from Ts.Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia to the King of Swe¬den and expressed his willingness to en¬deavor to strengthen relations and coop¬eration between Mongolia and Sweden in all spheres of possibilities.
In turn, the King of Sweden stressed that Mongolia and Sweden have a wide range of potential to develop relations in areas of mining and renewable energy and to exchange mutual experiences.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Democratic Party has appointed S.Erdenebold, one of the young mem¬bers ofits National Policy Committee as the party’s Secretary for Political Policy.
The newly appointed secretary earned degrees from National University of Mon¬golia, Indiana University and the John F.Kennedy School of Government at Har¬vard University.
Having joined the Democratic Party in 2006, S.Erdenebold has previously worked in the National Public Radio and Television, National Legal Institute and Presidential Office.
He currently works as a member of Citizens’ Representative Khural of Sukh¬baatar district.
He has also published over 10 books addressing history, culture and personal development.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The World Bank’s Executive Board of Di¬rectors today approved USD 25 million in financing to help job seekers and mi¬cro-entrepreneurs in Mongolia access labor market opportunities.
“Improving access to labor market op¬portunities is one of the key steps to help people get good jobs and improve their livelihoods.
Through this project, the World Bank is helping the government of Mongolia to ad¬dress major constraints facing Mongolia’s labor market through supporting micro-entrepreneurs, upgrading public employ¬ment services, better aligning employment training programs with labor demand, and improving the quality and availability of la¬bor market information,” said James An¬derson, World Bank Country Manager for Mongolia.
In Mongolia, generally poor labor mar¬ket outcomes are a major concern with relatively high unemployment and grow¬ing numbers of discouraged workers that have given up looking for a job. Mean-while, jobs and poverty are closely linked as poverty incidence is the highest among those without productive and well-paying jobs.
The Mongolia Employment Support Project aims to provide new opportunities for people to start and grow sustainable microenterprises. The comprehensive support will include a range of non-finan¬cial support services, including business skills and development training, mentor¬ing, peer-to-peer and alumni networks, and market linkages. It will also include financial support such as microloans for new and existing microenterprises, sup¬plemented by interest rate relief for the most vulnerable beneficiaries.
The project will strengthen client-cen¬tric public employment services to help them become more effective in achieving quality job placements and attract more employers and listings for higher-skilled jobs.
In addition, it will support employ¬ment trainings better matched with labor demand, while local labor and social wel¬fare offices will be given the opportunity to develop and implement their own labor market proposals appropriate for the local context. To improve labor market trans¬parency, the scope and quality of informa¬tion on the labor market and jobs will be upgraded to better connect individual job seekers to employers, and enhance labor market monitoring and evaluation.
The recent slowdown in Mongolia’s growth due to lower commodities prices and slower growth in China has brought a significant decline in jobs and a rapid rise in unemployment.
Even during the economic boom be¬tween 2010 and 2014, the unemployment rate stayed relatively elevated and rarely dropped below 7 percent. Informal em¬ployment – often through low-level self-employment –also continues to be wide¬spread. Informal jobs and unemployment are particularly common for a number of specific vulnerable groups, and the project puts a particular emphasis on supporting such groups, including citizens having dif¬ficulty finding employment, young people of ages 18 to 34 and poor households.
The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Mongolia.
It is funded with a USD 25 million credit from the World Bank’s International De¬velopment Association.
Source: World Bank Group


On the occasion of the 25th an¬niversary of the one and only news¬paper published in Mongolian script language “Khumuunbichig” and the 20th anniversary of “Foremost Callig¬raphers of Mongolia”national contest, a Mongolian script language gallery opened on April 28.
“Khumuunbichig” is one of the five newspapers that are published in Mongo¬lian, Russian, English, Chinese and Japan by National MONTSAME News Agency, which was established in the same year as the Mongolian People’s Revolution, 1921.
As old as the democracy in Mongolia, the newspaper gave asignificant contribu¬tion in promoting the national literacy and culture. The Editor-in-Chief of “Khumuun¬bichig” B.Elbegzayanoted that during its 25 years of publishing, the newspaper has developed into a textbook for the people studying Mongolian scripts. “Khumuunbichig” editorial’s gallery consists of the works collected from the 20 years of “Foremost Calligraphers of Mon¬golia” contest and will continue to expand over the upcoming years. The opening ceremony was attended by over 40 win¬ners of each category ofthe national con¬test, arrived from both the capital city and rural areas.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia, “The 8th National Renew¬able Energy Forum” is to take place on May 5, 2017.
With the policy support of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Regulatory Com¬mission, the forum is being organized by Mongolian Wind Energy Association.
Mongolia has rich resources of re¬newable energy, especially in solar and wind energy. The organizers noted that the renewable energy sector has to be developed with corresponding plans and policies to the current possibilities and re¬sources. The first Mongolian renewable energy source “Salkhit” wind power plant was built four years ago with the invest¬ment of USD 120 million, and is now pro¬viding 3-4 percent of the country’s energy consumption. The large investment in the renewable energy sector of Mongolia in 2017 can be ascertained from the 10 MWt solar power plant in Darkhan aimag. Also, the construction works of 10 MWt solar station in the western region zone of Ulaanbaatar city and 50 MWt wind farm in Tsogttsetsii soum of Umnugobi aimag. As a result, the renewable energy generation of Mongolia will be able to reach 120 MWt by the end of 2017. Although Mongolia has positive in¬dicators to develop renewable energy industry, policy management and profes¬sional workforces are lacking in the sec¬tor. Therefore, the National Renewable Energy Forum aims to determine policy and planning, as well as to solve current issues in the sector.
The forum will be attended by the Sec¬retary General of World Wind Energy Association Stefan Gsänger, Ambassador of France to Mongolia Elizabeth Barsacq and around 500 domestic guests.
Co-organized by Global Green Growth Institute and World Wind Energy Associa¬tion, the event will be held at the Corpo¬rate Convention Center on May 5, Friday.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today, April 28, a regular meeting of share¬holders of Erdenes Tavantolgoi Com¬pany was held at the Finance Center.
Out of 2.5 million Mongolian citizens, who own 1072 shares of the company each, 65 shareholders attended the meet¬ing.
A conclusion of the Erdenes Tavan¬tolgoi BoD regarding a 2016 report of the activities of the companies was discussed and approved. As a result of proper man¬agement policy, the company raised its revenue by restoring mining operations in West Tsankhi block, kept stable opera¬tion of East Tsankhi and lowered the debt amount to pay to Chalco Trading Hong Kong Company. Also, it has run opera¬tions without accidents, adhering to en¬vironmental and labor safety procedures. Therefore, the company’s 2016 activities were considered satisfactory and the meeting appreciated the debt paid out by March 31.
The shareholders and the BoD as¬signed the company authorities to im¬prove company governance and to make the company’s shares valuable by work¬ing with profit. Moreover, the attendees criticized independent members of BoD P.Ulziinaran, E.Ganbaatar and Kh.Bolor- Erdene that they were not working actively for protecting the shareholders’ rights and interests.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Senior citizen of Mongolia Ts.Tsesendolgor has been invited to the birthday cele-bration of the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, which will be held on June 17.
Mrs. Ts.Tsesendolgor was chosen to be invited through application “what3words” and the Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Af¬fairs Simon McDonald and Ambassador of the UK to Mongolia Catherine Arnold handed over the invitation letter to Mrs Ts.Tsesendolgor on April 27, visiting her home in Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar.
The Queen celebrates two birthdays every year: her actual birthday falls on 21 April and her official birthday on the sec¬ond Saturday of June. ,4 B.Ooluun


Zavkhan /MONTSAME/ Cultural Fes¬tival of Nomads to be held on the shore of Ulaagchinii Khar Lake in Zavkhan aimag on July 23-25.
Organizers, the tourism department of Zavkhan aimag and the Governor’s Office of the province have chosen the site, con¬sidering its unique natural beauty.
The lake lies at 110 km from the aimag center in Erdenekhairkhan soum territory (80 km north from the soum center), surrounded by sand dunes to the north and reeds in the south as well as Mountains Tovkhosh all around. This freshwater lake is 30 km long and 5-10 km wide with a depth of 48 m and there are three is¬lands named Avgash in the lake, elevated at over 2500 meters above sea level. 13 types of migrant birds are inhabitants of the islands.
A working group composed of 18 peo¬ple, headed by the Governor of Zavkhan aimag are managing preparations for the first ever nomad’s cultural festival.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Inte¬grated Livelihoods Improvement and Sustainable Tourism at Khuvsgul Lake National Park Project is being imple¬mented with grants by the Asian Devel¬opment Bank and Japan Fund for Pov¬erty Reduction.
Within the project, eco-friendly model toilet facilities are planned to be built at the Khuvsgul Lake National Park. International expert on liquid waste management Pier Donati developed blue prints of toilet facilities with four technolog¬ical solutions and three of them have been chosen, being introduced to the officials of the Administration of Protected Areas of the Ministry of Environment and Tour¬ism and Department of Clean Technology, Investment and Production. These are as follows:
1. Draw-out technology dry toilet facili¬ties with sealed tank at public quayside in Khatgal Village
2. Drying technology toilet facilities at public camping points and stopover points in the national park.
3. Portable dry toilet facilities with litter bin for use during public events.
The offered technologies are widely used in national parks, which having drinking water resources in Switzerland, Finland and USA and also comply with MNS5924:2015 standard of Mongolia. Moreover, entering point to the Khuvsgul National Park and camping points are planned to be established.
The project aims to support local live¬lihoods through improved capacity for sustainable tourism and subsistence ac-tivities, in participation with the park ad¬ministration and other key stakeholders. The project design adopts an integrated approach for livelihoods, tourism, waste management, and land use planning, and will serve as a model for other protected areas in Mongolia.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ B.Bazarsad, student at the secondary school №33 of Ulaanbaatar, opened his solo art show “Khiimori” at the Ju¬nior Center for Creative Art on April 27.
B.Bazarsad is a senior student at the Junior Center for Creative Art and the exhibition is considered as his gradu¬ation showcase. The teachers high¬lighted his sketches as he drew portraits of famous people of Mongolia, such as B.Amarsaikhan, B.Tserenbold, rappers Rockit Bay and Big Gee.
With over 60 displayed artworks of leather reliefs and pictures, as well as sketches and paintings, the exhibition will last for a week.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A paint¬ing exhibition of children from Mon¬golia and the USA under the theme “Natural environment” is taking place at the American Cultural and Informa¬tion Center in Ulaanbaatar from April 21 to May 11.
On the occasion of the 30th anni¬versary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the US, a drawing contest was announced among children aimed at creating a harmonious and friendly environment, and fostering youngsters and children’s love for nature and mother earth. And over 60 selected paintings of 60 Mongolian and US children are being displayed at the exhibition.
During the launching ceremony, three best paintings were awarded by the Minis¬try of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongo¬lian runner A.Budjargal won the Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races, pre-viously named Self-Transcendence Six and Ten-Day Races, the miltuday run¬ning events. He completed 739 miles or 1189.30 km of distance in ten days.
He was followed by IgoriMudrik, who took second place with 713 miles.
The Twenty-Second Annual Sri Chin¬moy Ten-Day Race and the Twentieth An¬nual Sri Chinmoy Six-Day Race were held between April 17 to 27 in New York, USA and over 80 runners from 24 countries participated in the international competi¬tion.
From Mongolia, the best five athletes of ultramarathon, including Master of Athletics-titled A.Budjargal, who is also a mountaineer, attended.
In this extreme race, athletes come to test their endurance, skill with pacing, and ability to recover by running at special distance of 1.6 km under the conceivable weather condition with extreme tempera¬ture varied between 0-15C all day and night.
In this regard, the competition requires a great deal of physical and psychological training from the athletes. Mongolian ath¬lete A.Budjargal successfully participated in this event for the first time in 2015 and was placed in tenth place.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Bank of Mongolia issues 1 week bills worth MNT 453.9 billion at a weighted interest rate of 14.0 percent per annum.
1 - week CBBs, a main monetary policy instrument of BoM, plays an impor¬tant role on managing the reserves of the banks. This CBB rate represents BoM’s policy rate guides interbank money mar¬ket. In July 2007, the CBB with stable rate and unlimited bidding was introduced with auctions to be held on every Wednesday. This really had attracted the banks’ inter¬ests providing the possibility for the banks to place their excess reserve in short term asset. There has been a substantial change in the way banks manage their re¬serves since then. For the favorable adjustment of CBB rate and loan principle along with the well balance of togrog and foreign exchange, 1 - week CBB has been held in a type of competing by rate since May 2005. The auction average rate is the targeted rate variables in +/-2 percent from the policy rate and it frames to make the interbank rate as the operational target in midterm.
Source: Bank of Mongolia


SelengeAimag, the main cultivation region of Mongolia supplies 50-60 per¬cent of the total wheat of the country; and starting this spring, will cultivate Japanese high quality buckwheat for export purposes.
Last October, SelengeAimag and Shi¬zuoka Prefecture of Japan established a memorandum to cooperate in agriculture, which included the core task to cultivate buckwheat in ZuunburenSoum, Se-lengeAimag. On April 12-14, agriculture specialists of the Governor’s office of Shi¬zuoka Prefecture visited SelengeAimag. As an experiment, buckwheat will be planted on 40 ha of land of the “Arving¬Khur’ company with seeds prepared and supplied by Japan’s Daiwon Company.
The Japanese specialists went to cul¬tivation fields of “Shimtburen” and “Arvin Khur” companies to get acquainted with the soil, equipment and techniques of the companies.
SelengeAimag has high quality soil and the soil is suitable to plant aromatic buckwheat, noted the specialists. “We hope that cultivating buckwheat with high quality seeds from Japan will suc¬ceed and the plant will be one of main agricultural pillars. Buckwheat is a main ingredient for making soba noodles, a Japanese national dish. The Japanese love soba. We enjoy soba, smelling its aroma even more than loving its taste. Making soba noodle requires high qual¬ity buckwheat. I came here to teach you the techniques of cultivating buck¬wheat which will be exported to Japan. Experienced farmers of SelengeAimag, who have planted wheat for years, also know very well how to plant buckwheat. Therefore I will teach farmers the Japa¬nese technique” said an agriculture ser¬vice specialist of the Governor’s office of Shizuoka Prefecture Ishida.
Farm fields and equipment of Arvin Khur are meeting all requirements, mak¬ing it possible to cooperate, noted spe¬cialist Mr. Ishida. He will come back in May 19 to start sowing the seed and visit three more times to give necessary in¬structions. The first harvest is expected in September. Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture plans to visit SelengeAimag in August, when the buckwheat blooms.
Buckwheat generally grows easily, re¬sistant to warmth, and does not require high care. Farmers of SelengeAimag have experience in planting buckwheat. Farmers of Zuunburen, Baruunburen and Orkhontuulsoums have planted buck¬wheat before, but they stopped planting it due to the insufficient sale of buckwheat crops. There are no buckwheat brittle hulls cleaning machines or a special fac¬tory, and that makes it difficult for farmers and more costly to export the buckwheat abroad. “- First, we will plant buckwheat as an experiment on 40 ha of land. If the experiment shows good results, we can plant 10 or even 100 times more buck¬wheat. In order to grow high quality buck¬wheat, it is important to follow established methods without breaking procedures. If we can grow high quality buckwheat, it will be acknowledged by the Japanese market. The local government supports realizing it and we believe the relationship between the two provinces will further de¬velop. It will be required to constantly im¬prove the quality of buckwheat, planting it for more than 2 years, said Ishigawa, an agriculture service specialist of the Gov¬ernor’s office.
According to Mr. Ishigawa, Japan plants 20 percent of its buckwheat need and imports the rest from China, particu¬larly from Inner Mongolia, and buckwheat prices depend on the Chinese market. Japanese specialists brought the kita¬wase seed sort which is considered the best, and estimated to have a crop of 20- 30 centners (unit of weight equal to about 110 pounds or 50 kilograms). One kg of buckwheat will be bought at MNT1200. “Arvin khur” company owns over 4000 ha of cultivation land, planting wheat on 3000 ha and oil plants on 800 ha. This year, the company plans to sow oil-yield¬ing crop on 800 ha, buckwheat on 1000 ha and wheat on 2000 ha. This year, they will plant Chinese buckwheat seeds along with the Japanese buckwheat, as they have already bought Chinese va¬riety seed of buckwheat to plant on 800 ha. Ts.Purevdorj, Executive Director of “Arvin khur” company said ‘- Crop farming companies generally grow only two types of grain; wheat and rape/colza. Therefore companies have a desire to have a third type of crop. Previously, we planted Rus¬sian and Chinese sort seeds and exported to Russia and China. However, we faced many barriers including customs service. Moreover, the price is low as we supply buckwheat with its hull. Now, our crop of buckwheat will be sold directly to the Jap¬anese market, managed by ‘Daiwon’ com¬pany. We hope it will give us more finan¬cial possibilities. Therefore, we accepted the request with high appreciation”.


Following events are expected on April 28, Friday.
10.00 Consultative meeting of 1000 employers at the Palace of Mongolian Trade Unions Confederation
11.00 ’24 states’ history of China’ 58 volumes of books to be donated to the In¬ternational Relations Institute of the Acad¬emy of Sciences of Mongolia from Taiwan Representative Office
11.30 Cooperation memorandum sign¬ing ceremony between Authority of Intel¬lectual Property and State Registration of Mongolia and Korean Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
12.00 Opening of the international expo ‘Construction Expo 2017’
13.00 ‘Whole liver’ forum at the Corpo¬rate Convention center

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