About iron ore reserve in Mongolia

Mongolia has 985 million tons of iron ore, and this figure accounts for about 0.6% of the mineral in the world according to a research conducted by the “Glojex” company.Moreover, the company has estimated that the country has more 56 deposits of iron ore. 32 of them are in central region, 13-in eastern region, six-in Khangai region, and five-in western region.
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Mongolia transported 21 million ton of freight

After technical renovations in its railway system, Mongolia is planning to transport 35 million ton of freight in 2015, announced officials amid the "Transit Mongolia" international consultation meeting Monday. According to the Transportation Ministry, USD 256 million will be spent for the above renovations. The officials also noted the nation transported cargo of 21 million ton in 2013, marking a historical success.
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Book published for Sweden-based Mongolian children

Mongolian children living in Sweden have received schoolbooks for mother language lessons. The Mongolian Embassy in Sweden, the National Association of Sweden-based Mongolians and others rendered a valuable support in publishing of the books for some four thousand Mongolian kids residing in this country. Aware of the fact that the children were born/or are growing in the foreign country with much less opportunities to learn the indigenous language, the authors have written this book, which includes appealing contents in the two languages.
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Joint railway company established

Mongolian mining companies Erdenes Tavantolgoi, Energy Resources and Tavantolgoi, together with the Chinese Shenhua Energy Co signed Monday an agreement to establish a joint railway venture. This agreement follows a decision the cabinet meeting made on March 21 permitting Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC to establish a joint railway company, within goals to enhance the coal exports and thereby improve the foreign trade balance.
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Defense Secretary to discuss regional security matters

The US Secretary of Defense Mr. Chuck Hagel is to pay a visit to Mongolia on Thursday, April 10, 2014. Mr. Chuck Hagel is on his fourth official trip to the Asia-Pacific region to convene a meeting with counterparts in Japan, China and Mongolia. Arriving in Mongolia, Mr. Hagel will meet with Mongolian government and military leaders to discuss regional security matters and ways to enhance the U.S.-Mongolian cooperation. This is the second U.S. Defense Secretary's visit to Mongolia, and the first since 2005.
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Lawyers to cooperate with State Bar of US California

Members of the State Bar of California (SBC), US California’s official bar association, are visiting Mongolia for the second time. During the visit, a memorandum of cooperation between the Mongolian Lawyers Association (MLA) and SBC was signed by a MLA president D.Batsukh and a SBC member Howard Miller on Monday in presence of Thomas Layton, a SBC member, O.Altangerel, an advisor to Justice Minister of Mongolia.
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